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Fat Loss Secrets Revealed-30 Follow Along HIIT Workouts and Ebook

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The DEFINITION OF INSANITY is to continue to do same things while expecting

different results... With Fat Loss Secrets Revealed the insanity stops NOW!

These programs are designed to get large amounts of work completed in a short

time frame with minimal equipment and lack of space. We’ve noticed since

applying these types of programs that our clients are not only getting in great

shape but they are more motivated, enthusiastic and above all enjoying exercise

more than ever.

We believe it’s time to remove the horse blinders and break the monotony!

From the 1hr old fashioned Spinning and Aerobic class to the 15-30 minutes of

cutting edge HIIT. Science has shown that this style of training is not only superior

from a fat loss stand point its superior from a heart health stand point.

Fat Loss Secrets will give you the power to super charge and expand your workout

arsenal! Get ready as we reveal over 30 cutting edge programs with 1000’s of

training variations. You’ll break the boredom and your fitness plateaus and finally

experience EXTREME FAT LOSS!

If you’re interested in seeing how the workouts on the following pages (plus

many more) are done correctly, go to and pick

up a copy of Fat Loss Secret Revealed!

Warning! Do not attempt unless you’re interested in:

 Decreasing Body Fat

 Increasing work capacity

 Increasing work to rest ratio

 Increasing motivational levels

 Increasing caloric expenditure

 Increasing mental toughness

 Increasing competitiveness

 Increasing power output and Anaerobic Threshold

 Breaking the monotony!

These programs are very intense and, if not ready, can cause extreme oxygen

debt nausea or dizziness, so be conservative when first starting. Don’t be fooled

by the lighter weights being used, these are very taxing and extremely effective.

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30 Cutting Edge HIIT Workouts in 20 min or Less!


Fat Loss Secrets Revealed-30 Follow Along HIIT Workouts and Ebook

0 ratings
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